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8 Easy Unique method to increase your blog traffic by 606%


8 Easy Unique method to increase your blog traffic by 606%

    8 Easy Unique method to increase your blog traffic by 606% (2020 -2021)

    What is blog Traffic ?   
    Before we go to the details of how to grow blog traffic I want to say a little about What is a blog meaning.

    A Blog is an informational web page which best describes the passion of you, me and every one.  To be more specific You could be a master in Cricket topics you speak hours and hours about it and loads of passion on it.  

    somebody may have interested and well versed in cooking, story writing, few of my friends are unique talents like collecting Car models and they know the in and out of 

    Car parts , 

    the brand,

     the special thing in it, Some of my friends are unique talents in health & fitness and many hidden talents but we think a lot and end up with doing the routine official or our personal home work !  

    You agree with me right ?

      So the Passion what you have , what you learned , experienced which can be updated in a conversational way by writing in the web pages that is called blog posts. 

     Millions of  readers are still active online to read the articles published by you and me.

    Now the question comes What is blog traffic meaning and how to increase blog traffic for free.  It is the number of times people see our blog and the number of people visit our blog page through organic search.

    How to start a blog?
    SEO - Search Engine Optimization?
    How to get more traffic?

    How to start a blog ?

    Starting a blog page is very simple.  Google has offered a platform called Blogger !  Yes, Its absolutely free to start your own blog page.  All that you need to do is just login to Blogger page and Signup using your Gmail id.   

    I do not have to show you with screen shots how to do that because you know that how to do the signup process for any web pages. 

     Remember while doing signup please give a new password and do not enter the same password which you used to login with your gmail account. 

     After login you see the template designs which you need to select and in the write hand side you see the option called Posts , just click on the + (plus) sign  and you can see a blank page that's where you need to start writing your interested topics.  

    Once finished just click preview option in the top left hand corner to view the post which will show the sample page how it looks after you publish.  If all good just click on the publish and you are done.  

    After you publish your web page URL will be something like this for example :  https://sample.blogspot.com.  

    Search Engine Optimization?

               Great Job! Now How to Optimize blog posts for SEO You have done with your first step created a blog and wrote something of your area where you specialized and now the time to think about make your blog post in top pages of search engine like Google.    How to do that!
               You need to think what you will do when you want to search some details in Google,  We put some keywords, a Question right?   Perfect! 
     The same you have to apply in your posts when you write.  Think of the keywords related to your article which is most commonly searched in Google or Bing and try to include in your sentences.
                Secondly,  The best option is free keyword tools available in the internet.  The one which I use is Neil Patel's  Keyword search tool.  The best in class top ranking in Google search.  
            You just have to sign up with your email and in the home page itself you can see a tab to enter the keyword related to your topic  and just hit search and you are done.
            Then the rest will displayed in front of you, all you need to do is just see the top numbered keywords which was already searched by millions of  people like you and me and the volume of search. The High the number get more competitive.  
            So my suggest is try low volume keywords like 20k to 30k if you target those and start working on your article with those keywords the more chances to rank high.  
    As simple as that !  Isn't it?
    here are different types of SEO like On page , Off Page and Technical SEO.

                 Head rolling right?  Don't Worry! Technical SEO is something one time setup in blogger or WordPress Settings.  The other two said above which you need to concentrate every article you write.
    The below 8 ways to get more traffic and promote your blog.  

    How to get more traffic ? (2020-2021)

               A Big Question!  You done your best part, now think who is your first target....  None Other than our friends only , who else can ! good or bad and share things all are our near and dears.   Experts opinion says that more than 50% of the initial traffic for a new blog comes from social sharing!
     I personally could see the below trend in last 4Months for my blog.


        Copy the URL of your blog page and share it immediately to your friends and colleagues and request to share with their friends.


        This is one of the unique method and free to generate more traffic to new blog.  You may have 1000+ friends and your friends too have the same, now I don't have to tell what you need to do!  Yes, you are right share the post to your Face book page and request your friends to visit.


         You can see many post shared by Neil Patel's talking about how to grow blog traffic Hope many of you had Insta page all you need to do is just write something or post a short video and request your followers to visit your blog page.

    Flipkart or Amazon Review : 

         I trust no one has this thought to bring traffic to new webpage or blog!  Anyways.  The idea is just don't ignore if you get any rating or review request message or email from Flipkart or Amazon.  We might have purchased products recently or earlier all you need to do is just select that product and give your ratings and a nice review a one or two line at the end just mention your blog or website address.  That is it you see the traffic increase in site ,  Give your comment if you like this.

    Google Question HUB Tool:  

        This is one of the Easy and free method to increase blog traffic fast.  
     Who else can give this much big support for a blogger ?  Obviously its Google.  Question Hub is a tool google developed platform which mainly target the unanswered questions in Google search.  
         It creates a great opportunity for publishers to create a rich content which covers the answers on specific topics.  Means,  More topics to write and more organic traffic.
        All you need to do is just type Google Question Hub in Google Search and sign up with your existing gmail account.   You can see the Add Questions in the top right hand corner, click on it.  there will be many topics get displayed in your screen.  
    Just select a topic where your are familiarized and click on plus symbol to get 10 Questions added relevant to that topic.

       It your turn to write a post with rich content which answers those questions that is it.  If you ask me how to increase the blog traffic WordPress and I highly recommend this one really works and it is easy to get organic traffic.

    Feedback to other Blog:

        If you want to see an increase visibility of your blog it could be new blog or a old.
        Whatever the topics you write just try to search on the topics which already there in Google page.  Visit those blog or website and share your comments nicely and let them know that you too have a different concept on the same topic and request to have a look.  More likely if you get an answer from that author try to politely invite for a guest blog to your site.  It adds more value to your blog page.
    The second thing in this process is to create a back link of the relevant topics.  We need to refer the links of the existing other blog post which is relevant to our article and help our readers to get benefited.


         Millions of PINs relevant to day to day search , all we need to do is whenever we publish a post just need to share it in Pinterest.   Create an account in Pinterest and create a new Board with your topics title and under that pin the posts regularly.
              Don't stop there itself , You also need to select and organize others Pined topics also which intern generates more organic traffic for sure.


         One of the best Organic traffic source and Back-link generator.  All We need to just simply signup and write your story or you can import your published post in your site.  Once added you can make a Link of your site in the medium page as shown below to get back-link and create a massive traffic fast.

    Free Website Submissions
    Ping O Matic
    Ping MyLinks

    All The above said if you do google search and just have to submit your recent post link and click submit.   The purpose of doing this is to add our Website or Blog in 1000s of existing search engine directories to get traffic.  It is your 100 % your personal risk to add blog or website URL in the above said because there may be few unwanted links can be created as back link so we need to regularly check that in Google Search Console to identify and Disawov.


         Nevertheless,  Not only in the Internet web pages or a blog but also you can focus on the You Tube .  You can find 1000s of videos relevant to your blog post.  
        The formulae applies like I said above.  watch few minutes and share your comments with your blog post link while putting the word thank you. 
        These are all the unique method I personally could see the increase in traffic for my blog.  I agree that few may be I have shared the learning which I had from You Tube or Web Pages but Few I personally found useful and could see a slight increase in traffic in my blog day by day.  All the above said are the ways to unique tricks to increase blog traffic for free.
    If you found something interesting simple method to get more traffic and views for new blog please comment below. 
    What is your new strategy which stand out to rank blog #1?
    Many Thanks for Reading!

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